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A Message From Our President

The U.S. Forest Service expands wilderness designations of public lands in each successive Forest Plan. They receive guidance from well funded conservation groups. Their funding source comes from large corporations, companies and misinformed individuals advocating for the designation of more and more of America's land as wilderness. This is not about protecting the environment in most cases, so says the U.S. Forest Service, it is about creating “quiet areas” for about one percent of the US population to use. Backcountry Sled Patriots believes this to be discriminatory and unbalanced land use, particularly to the sport of snowmobiling because of its zero environmental impact stipulations.


We believe that uniting financial legal resources under a single brand name will enhance fundraising efforts and grow the legal fund to an amount that will allow a properly capitalized legal response when needed. For too long, the Montana Snowmobile community has not had the funds to fight land closures, or what funds were available were distributed among many organizations only interested in their “back yard”. The end result was almost always never enough funding to initiate legal action to challenge all land closures. Those who support non-motorized recreation knew that they could act with impunity. Our goal is to get groups and individuals to contribute to one consolidated fund that can be used to defend snowmobile areas historically used by all Montanans. The best defense is a good offense.

BSP is a nonprofit organization set up to help fund legal actions to keep historic snowmobile areas open. Funding comes from donations, fundraising events, and sale of Backcountry Sled Patriots merchandise. All officers and directors are volunteers. No administrative charges are deducted from funds collected. 100% of your donation goes to the legal fund.

BSP does not initiate legal action. It helps fund legitimate legal challenges to land closures that affect Montana snowmobilers.

The heavily funded environmentalist groups have millions of dollars donated to them each year, not only from individuals, but by manufactures and companies that sell products to non-motorized users. With these funds, they can afford to pay professional lobbyists to influence the Forest Service policy decisions at all levels. In many cases, these individuals have been known to actually draft the policy. Most snowmobilers have a full time job and all the clubs and associations in Montana are staffed by volunteers which equates to no time and little money to defend land closure actions on their own. BSP will be there as defenders of backcountry snowmobiling. We need balance and we need to be heard and to protect our rights to access our historic backcountry that we love dearly. Without your help and generous donation, we cannot continue to defend and advocate for access to our backcountry forest lands. We are not professional lobbyists ….we’re just dedicated citizens who care about equal and shared access, being good stewards of the land, and protecting our historical recreational access to public forest lands.

Your generous donation is tax deductible. But more importantly, your donation to our cause helps us save these historic areas for generations to come. Won’t you please help?


Stan Spencer

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